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Casino bonus

Casino bonuses were once an extremely trendy way to bring in new online casino players. Hundreds of online casinos were offering free play casino bonuses, and the results were astounding. Because these bonuses were paid out very high amounts, many online casinos discontinued use of free play casino bonuses, but there are still a few out there, if you know where to look.

Free play casino bonuses give new players a large amount of free credits, a time limit, and a small selection of casino games on which to wager a specific amount of times. The player must complete these wagering requirements within the specified time, and if they can finish with a profit – usually $20 or more – they get to keep all of the bonus credits, and profits.

Basically, you play for free and if you win, you keep it! You simply can’t beat the offer.

To better explain, let’s try a common example.
A player gets $500 worth of casino credits. He has 1 hour to place at least 100 wagers. A small window opens, giving the player a choice of games to play. He chooses a game and places 20 wagers. Bored with that game selection, he may choose another is he wishes (or stick with the first choice to save time). If he places 100+ wagers in that hour and ends with $520 or more in casino credits ($500 bonus = $20 profit), he gets to keep all of it.

If you take advantage of a free play casino bonus, try to keep count of how many wagers you’ve placed. The game window will gladly provide the timer, ticking down second by second, but you won’t be shown your number of wagers. Without keeping count, you may fall short of the wagering requirements, or even go over; needlessly losing the profit that would have awarded you the free play casino bonus.

You should also take note that there will be more requirements in order to cash out a free play casino bonus. You will, of course, need to make at least one real money deposit. This tells the online casino that you are who you say you are (above the legal age limit and all that good stuff), and confirms your account for withdrawals.

Other wagering requirements will also be necessary, usually including so many times play-through of the bonus. For example, you may need to wager 15x, 20x or even 40x the bonus amount to withdrawal it. A 20x play-through of $520 would be $10,400. This may seem pretty steep, but then again, you have a free $520 to work with, and if you were that lucky before, it may just carry you through to the bonus release as well. If not, it was free cash to begin with and well worth the excitement of trying!

With nothing to lose, free play casino bonuses offer a fast-paced, heart-pounding exhilaration that you just don’t get from other online casino bonuses.